Geronimo Must Die

Geronimo Must Die-Lindermuth WebHalf-breed Indian scout Mickey Free has saved Geronimo’s life twice, but how long will that kind of luck hold? Though Mickey and Geronimo have never been friends, murder is serious business on the reservation—and Mickey’s curiosity may be the death of him, too.

When a sharp shooter assassinates several tribal leaders, Mickey believes it’s all part of a plot to incite the Apaches to run from the hated San Carlos Reservation—but proving it before another killing happens requires him to take a dangerous path.

With little to no help from the head scout and the reservation agent, Mickey must find a way to discover who is pulling the trigger—and why. Dangerous factions within the tribes let him know he must trust no one—not even the man he is trying to protect.

When his feelings for a beautiful girl begin to cloud his vision, he starts to question the risks of his mission—is it worth it? And…could the mysterious young woman he’s falling in love with be involved somehow? Before another tribal elder is murdered, Mickey must try to stay alive and learn why GERONIMO MUST DIE…

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