Forgotten Son (Men of Maine Series Book 5)

When Zoe Jarrett moves to Webster, Maine, she is interested in only one thing—re-inventing herself. A career change from the boring CPA she’d been for so many years to the outgoing, flirtatious massage therapist isn’t her only ‘makeover’—she’s also running from her own heart. A fifteen-year-long betrayal has her believing there is no ‘happy-ever-after’ for her in life, but a good time is always available somewhere!

Tom Lansing has returned to Webster determined to learn the truth about his childhood—and his father. Tom’s mother was once married to Wil Owens, but is Wil truly Tom’s father? In the midst of his search for the truth, he’s blindsided by a sassy blonde pixie with an exotic flair that matches her name—Zoe. Her outrageous flirting embarrasses the serious construction company owner, but Tom is attracted to her beautiful looks and kind heart.

As they each struggle to put the past behind them, can Tom convince Zoe they have a future together? With new beginnings ahead, can Tom forgive the man he believes deserted him—and can Wil make things right with his FORGOTTEN SON?

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