Eyes Like the Sea

Eyes Like the SeaWhen Lucas Brody stops by a small farm to ask for water for his horse, a beautiful young woman greets him with a pistol in hand. Martha Thompson soon realizes she’s made a mistake—she needs this drifter’s help desperately.

Exhausted, alone, and afraid, Martha collapses and must rely on this stranger for her very life. But can she trust him? Someone is trying steal her land.

Luke vows to discover who is tearing down her fences—and manages to put himself directly in harm’s way. Bushwhacked, tortured, and left for dead by the ruthless gang of outlaws, he struggles back to the farm—only to find it has been burned down. Time is short, and Luke has a decision to make. He’ll do anything to protect Martha, the woman he’s come to love...the woman with Eyes Like the Sea...


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