Drina’s Choice

Drina's ChoiceLike all young women, Drina Hamilton had hopes of someday instantly falling in love and marrying a man who would love her forever. But it was not to be. When her abusive father beats her for the last time, she feels she has to do something drastic. She makes the choice to answer an ad for a mail-order bride. The future groom agrees to help her with the care of her crippled sister who lives with their Aunt in Savannah, so she leaves her terrible father and makes the long trek to Arizona to become the wife of a rancher she only knows from the one letter his uncle has written her.

The last thing Aaron Wilcox wants to do is to get married. But his uncle holds a mortgage on his ranch and won’t release it to him until he is settled and married—not to the kind of woman he seems to prefer, but to a decent young lady the uncle considers acceptable. Though Aaron knows he’ll never love this woman, when he sees he has no other recourse, he agrees to the marriage. After all, he figures he will rid himself of her as soon as he gets his ranch back.

But things change when the tiny southern lady arrives. Aaron soon finds that not only does pretty Drina upset his world, but she upsets his heart as well. Drina learns love, instead of being an instant thing, can grow. And sometimes it grows so fast it can over take your heart just as weeds can shoot up in a garden and choke off everything planted there.

But will a sinister plan to murder Aaron and steal his ranch keep these two from finding the love that’s just within their reach?








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