Digging Holes in Paradise

DiggingHolesInParadiseOne lie leads to another in this playful historical romp until the characters have dug themselves in so deep, they may never be able to dig out!

In 1859 Missouri, Josette Stratton discovers that women have little more control over their lives than horses on the auction block. A chance identity switch gives her an out from a marriage of convenience mandated by her father, and Josette heads for the untamed Nevada Territory to assume the position of a seamstress.

In Nevada City, a madam sells raffle tickets for one lucky man to spend the entire night with her new prostitute who is due in on the next stage.

Naïve Josette is horrified to discover on her first night in town, that “seamstress” is just another name for…Oh!

Her fellow traveler is dark, heavily armed, and doesn’t say much. And he doesn’t like Josette. But Wolf needs her for The Plan—and he intends to have her. His intentions are honorable, of course—but can she trust him? He is a man.

Nevada’s Comstock Lode bonanza adds color and excitement to this fast-paced adventure, where plans crumble, love sizzles, and everyone is Digging Holes in Paradise.


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