Cursed (Legends of Winatuke Book 2)

When Hawk McKnight’s younger brother falls to his death in the mystical Lake of Sorrows, Hawk blames himself. The discovery that Peregrine is actually alive is a double-edged sword—for Perry remembers nothing of his former life, and has taken up a new beginning with a band of Gypsies. The only woman who can heal Peregrine is someone Hawk loves deeply…someone who has rejected him. But if there’s a chance that Doctor Emma Dawson can help his brother, Hawk will swallow his pride and ask for her help.

Emma Dawson carries her own emotional baggage. The only survivor of a horrendous family tragedy, she is a burned-out doctor with no time for a personal life, holding on to the dreams of what she once believed her medical practice should be. She knows the secrets of Hawk’s family, and the beings who live in a dimension called Winatuke, a place of magic and evil creatures. Though she and Hawk were once deeply in love, after the hand life has dealt her, she believes sending him away is the only way to protect him.

But when Hawk turns to Emma to help him save Perry, what choice does she have? She must face her fears and go with him to Winatuke if there is the slightest possibility of saving Hawk’s brother. Can they break the curse that holds Peregrine in its grip? Or will the secrets hidden within the depths of the Lake of Sorrows drag them all into an evil enchantment?

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