Cool Water

Cool Water J Harrell WebTrail guide Natalie Coleman has her perfect job in Yosemite National Park—until she and a group of riders come face-to-face with the biggest, meanest grizzly she’s ever seen! When the bear attacks, she must not only save her group, but also a lone rider who comes out of the woods—unaware of what’s happening.

Wes Evans is down to his last good nerve. Camping in Yosemite to study owls—and get away from his life—seems like the perfect solution. Though he’s just been fired, been served divorce papers, and had his head set afire by his brother, Fate still has plenty of tricks up her sleeve for him. Charged by an angry bear, he’s bucked off his horse, knocked unconscious, and left with a case of total amnesia. The only bright spot is that Natalie takes him under her wing until he can remember…something! With his lack of memory, things get complicated with parents, jobs, and ex-lovers.

The longer Wes stays with Natalie, the more uncertain he is about returning to his former life—whatever it might have been. And although Natalie has sworn off men, she can’t help but enjoy having Wes in her life—even with the chance that their friendship is about to go into forbidden territory! How can she fall for a man she knows nothing about?

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