Christmas Wishes (Men Of Maine Series Book 6)

Quiltmaker Claire Stone and her young daughter, Grace, are newcomers to the small town of Webster, Maine. Erasing the past is something Claire is determined to do, for divorcing her cruel ex-husband was the only solution to save herself and her daughter—and she’s never regretted it. But when she meets handsome Marc Baxter, the attraction is instant, and she begins to realize what she’s missed in life—someone to care for her…someone to care for.

Marc Baxter has come home to his roots, recovering from a nasty divorce and the discovery that his ex-wife had some shocking secrets of her own. Christmas is on the way, and he’s looking forward to opening a clinic with his niece and getting back to practicing medicine again.

When Grace is injured in an accident, Marc’s tender treatment leaves her with a severe case of hero worship—and wishing for a loving father. Claire is grateful to Marc, but her feelings go much deeper than that. Despite her fears of emotional ties, Marc is prepared to do whatever it takes to win Claire over.

But Claire’s controlling ex-husband was a doctor. Can she take a chance on another “professional” man who’s used to making the decisions in life? Marc says he loves her, but can he respect her and treat her as a life partner? Is there any hope for a Yuletide miracle that will see all their CHRISTMAS WISHES come true?

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