Cast Away Heart

Cast Away Heart

An abandoned piano, rejected love, and hope

After her fiancé humiliates her and breaks her heart on what was to be their wedding day, Ella Dubois has vowed never to open her heart again.

Nickoli Vesa, a Romanian pianist, has loved Ella for years, but she sees him only as her best friend.

How can a deserted piano heal a shattered spirit and inspire it to sing again?


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The music spilled from the heart of the baby grand and poured its sorrow on Ella until she didn’t think she could bare the terrible loneliness of its mournful sound another moment.  Her eyes welled with tears. Her own deep, unrelenting sadness came to the surface and ate at her heart. The piano stood in dignified repose like a stalwart soldier waiting for orders, but all the while knowing there will be no further orders, no further requests for its talents. Ella felt the love of her life had done the same to her and she, like the piano, must press on with whatever dignity she had left. How long would the piano suffer like this? How long would she?

When Nickoli completed the song and the notes died under the falling snow, he returned to Ella and took her in his arms as if guessing how sad the piano made her feel. He whispered close to her ear. “She still has hope. She still sings.”


























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