Belinda’s Yankee

Belindas YankeeBelinda Babcock, a beautiful southern belle, barely escapes the Union soldiers who kill her father in cold blood and burn their home. When she discovers a wounded Yankee officer not far from her small cave, she vows to kill him—but discovers she can’t do it. Instead, she brings Major Victor McKay back to her sanctuary and keeps him safe, nursing him back to health.

Handsome Victor McKay has his own life in New York to return to—that of a wealthy banker on the verge of starting his life with his fiancée, Felicity. He helps Belinda find her aunt and uncle before they part ways, and he makes his way back north. But the homecoming he receives is not at all what he expects—and he can’t stop thinking about the night of passion that he and Belinda shared during their journey to find her relatives.

Victor realizes he and Belinda are meant to be together, and he intends to find her. With no way to track her, he only knows she’s claiming his name. Why is she pretending to be his wife? Does Belinda have a secret of her own?

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