All for Love

All For Love WebToleman, Wyoming 1880s

Feisty, outspoken schoolmarm Lorelei Webster is determined to stop the neglect and abuse in Toleman. If it means raising havoc such as the town has never known and deterring any man's attraction to her, so be it. But when faced with the compelling task of righting the wrongs in the handsome new doctor’s life, she desires more than merely cleansing his soul.

Reserved and dedicated to medicine, Doctor Seth Taylor has resigned himself to be content with his practice and a peaceful, uncomplicated life. Nothing more. But when the irritating Miss Webster stirs up memories he's long tried to bury, his complacent world tilts off kilter. Forced to accept her help in saving a youngster’s life, Seth finds he must deal with his dark, haunting past before he can ever hope for more… But can he?

Both of them must make some changes in their dreams, but it's All for Love.








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