A Husband for Christmas

A Husband for Christmas


A night of horror… a wish for a new life...and a secret love

Jane Pierpont and her son, Robin, survived the Titanic, but her husband went down with the ship and the emotional scars of that night have kept her and her son locked into that frightening event. Robin is terrified of deep water and Jane has nightmares and survivor’s guilt. She yearns for a family, a loving husband and maybe another child, but she feels disloyal to Michael’s memory whenever Teekonka Red Sky comes near her.

Teekonka Red Sky loves Jane and her son, but all his efforts to help them past their painful memories of the night Michael Pierpont died have been unsuccessful. Unwilling to give up, can his Lakota beliefs help him bring peace to Robin and free Jane to love again?






“Teekonka.” She breathed his name light as a blossom floating on a breeze. Her eyes darkened to a deeper blue like indigo.

At just that moment, the band began to play a quiet song, just right for a slow dance. “Mrs. Pierpont, might I have the pleasure of this dance?” Teekonka asked as he extended a hand to her.

Jane took his hand and blushed ten shades of pink. “I’d be delighted.”

Teekonka led her to the dance floor as other couples, both young and old gathered to waltz with their sweethearts and wives. Teekonka took Jane into his arms, his hand pressed against her waist and waited for the right moment to begin to dance. He wasn’t the best dancer in Wyoming, but he could hold his own, at least in a slow dance anyway. His nerves almost took over his speech and, for a few moments, he couldn’t knock two words together to form a coherent sentence.

































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