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Blood Ties

BLOOD TIES James Griffin WebTexas Ranger Will Kirkpatrick brings a young outlaw, Jonas Peterson, in for trial in Pecos, Texas. But Will finds the tables have turned on him when the judge entrusts Peterson to Will’s care for a year rather than sending the youngster to Huntsville State Penitentiary for his crime. It’s up to Will to teach Jonas how to be a Texas Ranger—and how to be a man.

When Will returns to his post with Jonas, Captain Hunter gives him some unwelcome news—Will is going home for his sister’s wedding, whether he likes it or not. Though Will has been estranged from his family since he left to join the Rangers years earlier, Will’s father, Silas, has the governor’s ear. Reluctantly, Will obeys his orders, intending to make the unwanted trip as short as possible.

But when his father’s bank is robbed, and Silas himself is jailed for the robbery, Will and Jonas go after the gang who pulled off the job, determined to see justice done. No matter how bitter the feud between father and son in the past, there’s no way a Texas Ranger can ignore BLOOD TIES…

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Gambling With Love

Gambling with Love Spencer 2 WebWhen beautiful lady gambler Lainie Conrad’s husband, Seaton, is murdered, she sets out for revenge. Lainie is certain that cardsharp Rutherford Tolliver is guilty, but she has to find a way to prove it—and when she does, she’s not about to let her own little ol’ arrest get in the way!

U.S. Deputy Marshal Nick Foster catches up with her, determined to get to the bottom of why she walked out on him months earlier. There’s a high bounty on Lainie’s head for a murder she didn’t commit, so Nick has no choice but to arrest her for her own protection—and to keep his heart safe, as well.

But Lainie has bought in to a high stakes poker tournament in Denver, Colorado, and nothing will keep her from facing the scheming Tolliver across the poker table in a final showdown that pits skill against skill and trickery against vengeance. She escapes from Nick once more and runs to Denver. She must keep her vow to her murdered husband, for only then will she be free to find love again.

The ghosts of the past are no match for The Lady of the Cards when her future is at stake. She can’t afford to lose when she’s GAMBLING WITH LOVE…

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My Noble Knight

My Noble Knight Cynthia Breeding WebBeautiful Deidre of the Languedoc is on a mission—she must search Scotland for the precious Philosopher’s Stone that has been stolen from her priestess mother—upsetting the natural rhythm of the religion of the Goddess. Separated from her escort and caught up in the spectacle of the fires of Beltane revelry, Deidre is saved from rape by a divinely handsome archangel complete with sword—Gilead MacOengus, the son of a powerful laird.

But once Gilead takes Deidre to the castle for safety, she is in more danger than she’s ever been before. Her would-be rapist, Niall MacDouglas, vows to have Deidre at all costs—and Gilead’s father, Angus, promises her to the cruel MacDouglas in order to prevent war. The strong-willed seeress must find a way to keep the wedding from happening—she’s falling in love with Gilead, and her time to find the secret location of the Philosopher’s Stone is short.

Though Deidre’s romantic heart yearns for the fables of Camelot to have some foundation in reality, she is disappointed again and again—is there not one noble knight in all of Scotland? The truth can only be revealed with the discovery and return of the Philosopher’s Stone to its rightful place. Only then can true love be brought into balance for Deidre and the one she claims as MY NOBLE KNIGHT…

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