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The Half-Breed Gunslinger

The Half-Breed GunslingerHunter James Dolin raised himself in the swamps of Florida. Half-white and half-Indian, he belongs in neither world—and he knows it. A loner, he’s matchless when it comes to a fight of any kind—but can he outgun the private armies of two powerful tycoons who unite for a single purpose?

Lilith Montgomery is the adopted “daughter” of one of these men, Richard Montgomery—but it becomes clear she is more to him than a daughter. Hunter swears to free her from the life she’s been forced to endure, but he’s going to need the help of his old friend, Matt, the saloon owner.

When the entire town explodes in a field of fire, Matt and Hunter face a force that seems unstoppable. But Hunter’s a gambler, and he’s determined to win this bet—with Lilith and a young boy’s lives at stake, The Half-Breed Gunslinger can’t afford to lose.


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Redemption Trail

Redemption TrailWhen Sam Gibson accidentally kills a young boy, he knows he can never forgive himself. He sets out on a journey to try and do some good in the world to make up for the action he can never forget.

But when he rides into the small town of Cooksville, he’s set up to take the fall for his part in a bank robbery—a robbery he was trying to stop. Tried and convicted of murder, he’s sentenced to hang at sunrise. But a newspaperman who knows the truth manages to help him escape and flee the crooked law of the town, sending him to an old miner, Cole Flanagan in the Pinto Mountains.

When Sam arrives, he finds Cole dead, his body still warm—and Sam is captured by the outlaws who are part of the widening plot he’s unwittingly become a part of. Will Sam be able to escape his fate a second time and warn the other innocents who stand to be murdered by this lawless gang? Will he be able to convince them the new marshal is part of the plot? Their lives depend on him, as he rides the Redemption Trail.

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Punished, Book 1: Undead

UndeadThe day the Yankees came and took everything from wealthy landowner Vincent Bayonne was a day he’d never forget. How could he live with the uncertainty of not knowing what happened to his wife and children? Forced to watch as his plantation was burned to the ground by one of the slaves, Bayonne has sunk to the bottom of the barrel. A drunkard who has only his consuming hatred to sustain him, he makes his way from Louisiana to San Francisco, barely managing to survive on the Barbary Coast.

Just when he thinks he has nothing to live for, he discovers that William Sherman, the former slave who torched his home, is alive and well—and Sherman bears a hatred for his former master to match Bayonne’s. When Sherman bests Bayonne in a fight, the once-wealthy Southerner wakes up in a coffin, prepared for a fate he could never have imagined.

Hatred fuels Bayonne’s survival, but Sherman has cursed his nemesis with powerful voodoo magic that dooms him to an eternity of only half-living in the twilight existence of a zombie. Can an old Chinaman provide the answers Bayonne needs to survive in the world of the Undead?

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Panhandle Freight

Panhandle Freight

A bitter winter storm was blowing fiercely when Lucas Hallam rode up to the isolated railroad station. It wasn’t a fit night for man or beast to be out, but Hallam found himself joined by a number of other pilgrims waiting for a train – and one of them just might be a killer. But the big man has a secret of his own . . .

Panhandle Freight was a finalist for the Peacemaker Award in the category of Best Short Fiction in 2012, and now it’s finally available as an individual e-book. Full of mystery and action, it’s another fine adventure of Lucas Hallam, author L.J. Washburn’s iconic gunfighter detective.





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