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Bridgeport Holiday Brides

Bridgeport Holiday Brides

Two sisters; two dreams. Will a land grab rob them of their hearts' desires?





























Sundown Western Tales

Sundown Western TalesDo you love stories about the untamed days of the Old West? Well, pardner, this is one collection of short tales you will not want to pass up. From old standards like Max Brand and Zane Grey to new authors and those in between, you’re sure to find these stories to your liking. Settle back in your easy chair and get ready for ten fantastic tales of action and adventure that will pull you right in and have you reaching for your own pistol as you read.

In Zane Grey’s story, “The Horses of Bostil’s Ford,” a man’s horse means everything.

Richard Prosch’s “Storm Damage” is the tale of a man finally getting the woman he always wanted.

There’s nothing better than a dog in Big Jim Williams’s “Riding Fence”—where a loyal canine friend saves a ranch hand’s life in a blizzard.

They say there’s a fortune to be made in picking up “Buffalo Bones.” Charlie Steel’s character, Smiley, will keep you guessing.

The young son of a gallows-builder places a bet with a school chum that a hard-to-hang prisoner will meet his fate, at last, in Kyle Rudek’s “The Man Who Wouldn’t Hang.”

In “Love’s Lonesome Serenade—The River Romance,” Lane Pierce pens a tale of escape and unexpected romance between a young gunman and a soiled dove.

W.M. Shockley’s “Mordecai” is a man determined to hold on to what’s his to the very end—even if he’s not sure he wants it.

A young man is killed and a beautiful horse is accidentally shot, changing the course of several lives in Robert Steele’s “The Good Shooting.”

The Hicks brothers stir up trouble with the wrong drifter in Gordon L. Rottman’s story, “Missing But Not Missed.”

“The Cure of Silver Canyon” is a wonderful Max Brand western short that blends plenty of drama, action, and emotion into an exciting read.

Don’t miss this new western anthology from Sundown Press.


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A Love So Strong

A Love So StrongBeautiful Morgan Prescott has everything she’s ever wanted—except happiness. Determined to make her own way in the world despite her family’s wealthy influence, she answers a “Brides Wanted” ad and leaves New York City’s high society life for the wild Washington Territory, a continent away. Though she has no practical skills, she’s determined to learn how to survive.

Luke Kincaid is a private investigator, working undercover as a logging camp foreman to stop the saboteurs who are destroying the progress of the Union Pacific Railroad. Marriage to Morgan is part of his assumed identity, but he finds himself longing for much more—a love he can neither accept, nor return. He’s honor bound to another woman, Lucy, his dearest childhood friend—but Lucy has a wasting disease that has left her bedridden and near death.

When Morgan is nearly killed in a blaze that has been purposely set, Luke vows to find the man responsible and make him pay—with his life. But Luke knows that he must return to Lucy, as her time grows short.

Can Luke and Morgan ever find their happiness together? They must put all their faith in the future, with A LOVE SO STRONG.

























All My Hopes and Dreams

All My Hopes and DreamsTo escape an arranged marriage, beautiful, proper Cynthia Harrington from East Texas impulsively marries Ricardo Romero, a striking, sensual Spaniard who ranches on the far western edge of the Texas frontier. She naïvely steps into a hotbed of anger, rivalry, and strong wills. She struggles to gain a foothold in the hostile household and foreign ranch community, determined to make a place for herself—but will she also find a way to make her husband love her?

By marrying an “outsider,” Ricardo brings down the wrath of his mother, Felicitas, on his unsuspecting bride. Cynthia must also contend with beautiful Starr Hidalgo, a wealthy, jealous young neighbor, who has always believed she and Ricardo would be married.

When the Texas Rangers arrive looking for a killer, Cynthia daringly manages to save Ricardo’s mother in a confrontation with the wanted man. Ricardo’s bride has more grit and spunk than he ever imagined—but has she been pushed too far to stay on at the ranch with him? Can he convince her that they both want—and need—the same thing? Cynthia is in search of nothing more than what she’s told Ricardo from the very beginning—a loving home and husband. But is it already too late for them? With a rough beginning to their married lives, can their love survive—and give them all their hopes and dreams?

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