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Spirit Catcher

SpiritCatcherIn the restored ghost town of Fury, Colorado, actress Dallas James makes her living by reenacting life in the Old West. One day, her act becomes all too authentic--as she is joined by the ghost of one of Fury's past residents, Boone Cantrell. Soon Dallas finds herself falling in love with the ghost--but Boone's only chance to stay in her world requires unraveling the complex web of history that brought him back from the dead--and he's running out of time.

90,000 word Novel.

Praise for Spirit Catcher
"An engaging, warm-hearted story of justice triumphing over the odds and love crossing all barriers."
—Romantic Times
"Spirit Catcher is a timeless and haunting tale of love. Their passions will keep you riveted with emotion and the pages turning long into the night. Don't miss this splendid tale of love!"
—The Literary Times


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The Apothecary’s Quest: An Adventure of the Order of the Black Rose

ApothecarysQuestApothecary Thomas Smythe has been betrayed by a fellow knight in the Order of the Hospitallers in a foreign war. Home in England once more, Thomas lives out his life as a simple apothecary. When he is summoned to attend Sir Percival Fitzroy, who has been taken ill, Thomas realizes that Lord Fitzroy has been poisoned.

A trap, set in motion by a craven knight from Thomas’s past, threatens to see him murdered, as well. But can he reach Sir Richard de Vere, a man he suspects may hold the key to the mysterious death of Lord Fitzroy—and will Sir Richard help him? For Lord Fitzroy has entrusted Thomas with a quest for the Order of the Black Rose, a secret society that could accept him as one of their own…or have him slain.

Thomas is still a knight, at heart—and there is only one honorable thing to do, no matter the cost to himself…


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Santa Nick

SantaNickWith Christmas on the way, six-year-old Faith Reynolds is determined to get the very best present ever for her widowed mother—a new husband—but one that would be a nice daddy, too. Though Faith’s mother, Jenny, is not a big believer in Santa, a chance meeting with handsome high school teacher Nick St. Clair might just change everything.

Nick portrays Father Christmas at the yearly holiday celebration in nearby Jacksonville. When he hears Faith’s heartfelt Christmas wish, he makes one of his own—and Santa Nick gets what he wants!

But Jenny’s heart has been betrayed by her deceased husband, and she’s not sure she can ever trust again. Can Nick bring the joy of Christmas and a loving relationship into Jenny’s life? Making Jenny and little Faith his own family could be the Christmas magic they all need!


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