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Love’s First Touch

Loves First Touch Box 3LOVE’S FIRST TOUCH is powerful and sweet. It can move the heart to realize the true depth of emotion that only a first love can bring to a relationship. There’s some exciting reading ahead in these five full-length novels! Come join these wonderful characters as they experience awakening feelings and tumultuous relationships that can only be discovered with LOVE’S FIRST TOUCH!

WISH FOR THE MOON by Celia Yeary—Sixteen-year-old Annie McGinnis wishes for a chance to see more of the world, since all she’s ever known is the family farm in North Texas. The arrival of a mysterious visitor, Max Landry, changes everything for Annie. To save him from a bogus charge, she follows him and the Texas Rangers back to the coal-mining town where a murder occurred. The short journey sets Annie on a path of discovery—new horizons, an inner strength, and quite possibly…love.

FLY AWAY HEART by Sarah J. McNeal—Lilith Wilding can’t remember a time when she didn’t love the English born Robin Pierpont. Robin dreams of flying airplanes, but when he gets involved in illegal rum running to help a friend, he faces his worst fears. Can he save Lilith’s life? Or will his fate be sealed in death?

DOUBLE OR NOTHING by Meg Mims— Lily Granville, heiress, rebels against her uncle’s rules. Ace Diamond, determined to win Lily, invests in a dynamite factory. An explosion in San Francisco, mere hours before Lily and Ace elope, sets off a chain of consequences. Ace is framed for murder, and Lily must find proof to save him from a hangman’s noose. Will she become a widow before a true wife?

DRINA’S CHOICE by Agnes Alexander— To escape her abusive father, Drina Hamilton feels she has no choice but to become the wife of a rancher she only knows from the one letter his uncle has written her. To redeem the mortgage on his ranch, Aaron Wilcox must marry the woman his uncle has chosen for him. As Drina and Aaron struggle with their situation, they are unaware there is a sinister plan at hand to murder Aaron, and force the sale of the huge ranch .

DIGGING HOLES IN PARADISE by Karen Mihaljevich—In 1859 Missouri, Josette Stratton discovers that a chance identity switch gives her an out from a marriage mandated by her father—and allows her to work as a seamstress. What luck! But when she arrives in Nevada City, naïve Josette is horrified to discover that “seamstress” is just another name for…Oh! Her fellow traveler, Wolf, doesn’t say much—and doesn’t seem to like her. Nevada’s Comstock Lode bonanza adds color and excitement to this fast-paced adventure, where plans crumble, love sizzles, and everyone is DIGGING HOLES IN PARADISE!


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A Cowboy’s Touch

A Cowboy's Touch Box 2A cowboy's touch can heal anything—including lost love, hard times, and angry moments. In these four full-length novels, emotion runs high with the tingle of danger and the heat of love. There’s some wonderful reading ahead in this boxed set—and it all begins with A Cowboy's Touch.

In The Half-Breed's Woman, by Cheryl Pierson, U.S. Deputy Marshal Jaxson McCall goes after a young fugitive he’s been privately hired to track down, debutante Callista Buchanan. Heading into Indian Territory with a killer hot on their trail, Jax recognizes his old nemesis. Callie’s been set up to die—but Jax is not about to let that happen!

Kathleen Rice Adams has penned a novel in Prodigal Gun that was a recent finalist in the prestigious Western Fictioneers Peacemaker Award. With a timeless love that is rekindled after sixteen years apart, Mason Caine finds he will do anything to protect Jessie, his brother’s widow, and her daughter.

Kit Prate’s Wild Texas Winds pits vengeance against love between Kate Latham and Dru Beltrain when a series of mysterious murders begins. No matter what, Kate is determined to help her father build a railroad spur—and neither murder, nor her love for Dru, will get in the way.

Spirit Catcher, by Livia J. Washburn, has a young woman finding the man of her dreams—a century too late. How can spitfire Dallas James manage to hold on to Boone Cantrell in her own time when he died over a hundred years ago?


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The Crow and the Bear

The Crow and the BearBounty hunter Callum Boggs—sometimes called Crow—arrives in the mining town of Silverton on a cold October day in search of a man who has committed unspeakable crimes. Skilled in the technique of dream scouting, Crow has narrowed the location of the criminal to Silas Ravine. No normal man would dare to venture into this region, where so many gruesome and unexplained murders have taken place—a piece of land forever haunted where Death still walks. But Crow is no normal man…

Jennie Livingstone knows her papa is in trouble. When none of the local men will come to her aid, she must accept a newly-arrived stranger—a half-Comanche bounty hunter—as her only ally. As they head into the mountains to track Jennie’s father, she can hear more than the whispers of man. The mines carry spirits, and her only hope in navigating the living and the dead lies with the Crow.

But is Jennie prepared for the consequences of where her fate with Callum Boggs may lead? And is she the woman who can hold fast to the Crow’s heart after all his years alone? Bewitched by the beautiful young woman, Callum must do everything he can to stay one step ahead of the spirits that can’t rest—just to keep Jennie and himself alive.


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A Cat in Jackboots

CatInJackBootsHe is a hunter...despite being a scion of one of the most respected families of the ton, he enjoys solving the mysteries that life a price. And he is hot on the trail of a burglar robbing the titled members of London society.

She is saddled with a scatterbrained, matchmaking Grandmother and a retired battman for a butler...and a black cat named Romeo...and carries a world of secrets. One slip and it will cost her everything.

Neither is seeking romance...only sometimes love happens when you least expect it....


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