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Sundown Press

Sundown Press Web ImageSundown Press, launched in December 2014, publishes fiction and non-fiction of all lengths, from familiar authors as well as new talent. Genres include westerns, reference books, biographies, and fiction based on real-life characters.

After founding the historical western/western romance publishing company Prairie Rose Publications in August 2013, Livia J. Washburn and Cheryl Pierson recognized a need for an imprint specializing in fiction and non-fiction written by both women and men for readers across the spectrum. Sundown Press was born.

Got a book you’d like to submit? Sundown Press accepts submissions for traditional westerns, how-to books, cookbooks, and other non-fiction works of all lengths. If you feel your manuscript fits the submission guidelines, please email it, along with a query and synopsis, to Editor in Chief Cheryl Pierson at

We look forward to taking a look at your work.





















Prayers & Promises Publications

Prayers & Promises PublicationsPrayers & Promises Publications, an imprint of Prairie Rose Publications, is devoted to publishing inspirational fiction. Between the covers of PPP books, readers will find uplifting, entertaining stories about people overcoming adversity through faith. You'll come to know and really care about characters caught up in compelling dilemmas of life, love, and the spirit.

From historical romances to tales of suspense and mainstream novels, look to Prayers & Promises Publications for fiction that offers real-life hope through the power of belief.

Guidelines for submission are easy to follow. They’re looking for well-written stories that will make readers want to come back for more. Since Cheryl and Livia are both authors, as well as wearing publishing hats here at Prayers & Promises Publications, they count on you to be acquainted with the comma and have shaken hands with quotation marks at some point. That is to say, because of time constraints, they are counting on you to know punctuation and grammar…and to also know that it takes more than the basics to write a memorable story. Submissions need to be 12 pt. font, Times New Roman, double spaced, attached as a doc attachment with one inch margins.

Prayers & Promises Publications  publishes writing projects of all lengths. Digital format as well as print copies WILL be available for projects that are novel length (30,000 or longer). Short stories (Must be over 10,000 words.) will be available in digital format, only.

They want authors to be very satisfied with their fair treatment at Prayers & Promises Publications. Covers, light editing, set up with the distributors, publicity on their webpage, blog, and elsewhere will be provided by PPP. You will have some input into your editing and your covers. Livia does some fantastic cover art and she is glad to work with you within reason to give you something you truly love.

Royalties. PPP will retain 30% of net royalties. What this means is, the cost of  the photos that are bought for your cover will be recouped first before any royalties are paid. (Cover cost are very reasonable.) After that, 30% will go to PPP and the rest will go to you. In the case of an anthology, 30% of the net royalties will go to PPP and the remaining 70% will be split equally among the number of contributors.

If you believe you have a story that fits, please email a query to For novels, please include a synopsis and the first three chapters of the manuscript. For shorter works, include the entire completed manuscript. Please type PRAYERS & PROMISES SUBMISSION in the subject line.

We look forward to seeing what you've written.




  • Up from the Deep (In a Flash)
    by David L. Johnston
    Additional formats:Trade Paperback, Ebook

    Six months after a catastrophic solar flare cracks the sky and bathes Earth in high...

  • Who is Elizabeth?
    by Patti Boeckman
    Additional formats:Trade Paperback, e-book

    Pit a feisty, she-cat against a reluctant interloper and watch the sparks fly. When Elizabeth...

  • Shattered Vows
    by Linda LaRoque
    Additional formats:Trade Paperback, e-book

    Annie and Stuart Rayburn have loved each other since high school. Their life is idyllic...

  • Olive U
    by David L. Johnston
    Additional formats:Trade Paperback, e-book

    An aging Baptist preacher in small-town Kansas. The members of a band who play contemporary...

  • The Calling
    by Sara Barnard
    Additional formats:Trade Paperback, e-book

    Esau Fitzpatrick is bad at being good—and even worse at being bad. As he waits...

  • Across the Sweet Grass Hills
    by Gail L. Jenner
    Additional formats:Trade Paperback, e-book

    Liza Ralston has had more adventure in her life than she ever wanted. Leaving her...

  • Claiming His Heart
    by Tanya Hanson
    Additional formats:Trade Paperback, e-book

    Caught between a noose and a gold mine cave-in, Tulsa Sanderson must do anything within...


















Fire Star Press

Fire Star PressOpened in September 2013, by Livia J. Washburn and Cheryl Pierson, Fire Star Press is a publishing company devoted to publishing contemporary, futuristic, paranormal, and fantasy works of all lengths.
After launching Prairie Rose Publications, they were bombarded with requests for a contemporary/futuristic line, as well. Submissions began coming in, and Fire Star Press was born.
Cheryl and Livia plan to release FSP’s first projects in early 2015. Some books will bear names of authors with whom readers are familiar; others will present fresh voices from emerging talent.
FSP seeks submissions of contemporary, futuristic, paranormal, and fantasy stories of all lengths. Please check the guidelines to see if your story meets the criteria. If so, email a query, synopsis, and the first three chapters of novels to For shorter works, send a query and the completed manuscript. Please note FIRE STAR PRESS SUBMISSION in the subject line.










Tornado Alley Publications

TAPBlogBackgroundGreen_2Tornado Alley Publications is devoted to some “awesomely wonderful” reading for younger readers. The company offers an outstanding variety of novels, short stories, and novellas for Middle Grade (ages 9-12), Young Adult (13-17), and New Adult (18-24) readers.
Reading is becoming a lost art in today's society. It takes a lot to grab the attention of a young reader and hold his or her interest.  Choosing a well-written, interesting story is a good start.
Tornado Alley opened in September 2013, founded by Cheryl Pierson and Livia J. Washburn. The company may be new, but the owners’ experience in the writing, editing, and publishing fields is unmatched.
An imprint of Prairie Rose Publications, the publishing company created for women authors of historicals, westerns, and western romance, Tornado Alley accepts submissions from men and women alike in the contemporary, sci-fi, and fantasy genres. If you write a good story, we want to see it!
Submission requirements are here.
The goal at Tornado Alley Publications is to provide the best in contemporary and futuristic short stories, novellas, and novels to keep younger readers entertained and reading. Imagination is the key.  If you feel you have a manuscript that would fit TAP's submissions guidelines, please email a query, synopsis, and the first three chapters for novel-length works and the entire completed manuscript for shorter pieces to Editor in Chief Cheryl Pierson at Please type TORNADO ALLEY PUBLICATIONS SUBMISSION in the subject line.